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            Milestones of the company development

            Our experience. Your safety. - Since more than 80 years


            Dold Milestones



            Foundation by Emil Dold


            Production of the first relays


            New start with 44 employees


            The mini time contactor ZS 700 of the MINITIMER series sets completely new standards due to its universal applicability as a surface-mounted and built-in device


            Manufacture of motor brake devices of the MINISTOP series


            The BN 5983 of the SAFEMASTER series is the starting signal for the new field of safety technology


            The first OA 5669 with forcibly guided contacts introduces a new era in the field of PCB relays


            The enclosure series KO 4300 offers for the first time, in addition to selectable connection technologies, 16 terminals per 22.5 mm width


            DOLD supplements its VARIMETER family with the first differential current monitor IL 5882

            Further Milestones / Highlights


            SAFEMASTER M

            With the multifunctional, modularly expandable safety system SAFEMASTER M, DOLD sets new standards in safety technology

            SAFEMASTER W

            First emergency stop of the SAFEMASTER W series with radio control function

            SAFEMASTER STS

            Introduction of the modular safety switch and key transfer system
            SAFEMASTER STS

            SAFEMASTER W Enabling switch

            Extension of the SAFEMASTER W series with the wireless enabling switch

            SAFEMASTER PRO

            Modular and configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO for monitoring the safety circuits of machines and plants

            Electronics enclosure KS 4400

            Dold extends its innovative electronic enclosures with the KS 4400 enclosure series and the universal and integrated In-Rail-Bus system

            Relays with forcibly guided contacts

            The safety relays with forcibly guided contacts OA 5642, OA 5643 and OA 5644 from DOLD set new standards in miniaturisation of safety solutions with their height of only 10.3 mm

            SAFEMASTER C

            Multifunctional safety module SAFEMASTER C for monitoring two independent safety functions

            SAFEMASTER S

            The safe speed monitors of the SAFEMASTER S series offer a convenient solution for safety-oriented speed monitoring


            Extension of the safety switch and key transfer system SAFEMASTER STS. Now also available as fibre reinforced polymer version

            Radio controlled safety system SAFEMASTER W

            Extension of the SAFEMASTER W series with a safe, bidirectional solution