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            Solutions for wastewater treatment plants

            Reliable solutions for energy-efficient and safe wastewater treatment


            Solutions for wastewater treatment plants


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            In recent years, the situation in local and industrial wastewater treatment has changed dramatically. In addition to the restoration, modernization and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants, sewage disposal companies today have to face new challenges. For example, the treatment of residues such as microplastics or pharmaceuticals, the reduction of energy consumption, the increase of own power generation by means of block-type thermal power stations or the use of unused potentials (sludge digestion, sewage sludge dewatering etc.).


            Preventive maintenance measures are also becoming increasingly important. Early fault detection can prevent unplanned failures and thus avoiding time-consuming and costly repairs. This increases the efficiency and availability of the plant and reduces operating costs. With its products for safe automation, electrical safety and power electronics, DOLD offers a wide range of automation solutions for efficient and resource-saving wastewater treatment.


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