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            Press Center Archive

            Switching up to 88 A while saving space!

            Semiconductor relay/ contactor
            With the new semiconductor relay PK 9260 of the POWERSWITCH series from DOLD, ohmic loads can be switched economically. With its long service life, due to wear-free switching, it is especially suitable for applications with high switching frequencies. The many different application options include, for example, extruder machines, injection moulding equipment and heaters.The 1-pole semiconductor relay switches at zero voltage thus ...more

            Multifunctional measuring relay

            VARIMETER PRO saves cost, space and wiring
            With the MK 9300N of the VARIMETER PRO series, DOLD combines up to nine monitoring functions in a housing only 22.5 mm wide. This universal measuring and monitoring relay thus offers a functional diversity unparalleled so far at this minimal unit width.Troublefree and economic operation of machines and systems is guaranteed only by the reliable and continuous monitoring of three-phase systems. Depending on the need, the ...more

            Flexible, simple, secure!

            The new IN-RAIL-BUS from DOLD
            The IN-RAIL-BUS system from DOLD, developed for electronics housings, is a universal and continuous mounting rail bus. As economic alternative for elaborate single wiring, the bus system is especially suitable for data transfer and power supply of different devices and assemblies in a group.The base of the IN-RAIL-BUS system is a carrier section that can be easily integrated into a top hat rail. It accommodates the BUS PCB, that can be ...more

            INFOMASTER reduces standstill times

            Extendable fault annunciator system for plants and buildings
            The compact new -/first-message annunciator system INFOMASTER B of DOLD allows fast and economic localisation of failures in plants and buildings. A lot of time is saved when faultfinding and the failure reasons are detected.The special highlight of this system is its bus structure. It allows individual solutions for all applications up to 88 fault inputs. The functions new message, first message and ...more

            This will convince you!

            Wireless E-stop function
            The innovative DOLD Safemaster W with BG- approval offers additional safety when entering mobile and stationary machines and plants especially with large or unobserved dangerous areas. The safety details are performance level (PL) “e” according to DIN ISO 13849-1 and safety category 4 according to DIN EN 954-1. Using a remote control, dangerous movements can be stopped safely in shortest time via radio connection. The main ...more

            Multifunctional Modular Safety System

            Safety-Controller – with field bus connection, software free
            A safe island in non-safe field bus systems is the cost effective solution for safety applications of medium complexity. SAFEMASTER M has the functionality of a safety PLC which can be extended modularly with or without field bus connection. The heart of the system is the control unit. Integrated are input channels for e.g. 2 e-stop buttons and 4 start buttons as well as 3 safety category 4 output ...more

            For clear network signals!

            Three-phase interference suppressor filter for measuring applications
            Voltage peaks and high-frequency interference voltages of a wide variety of causes can spread nearly unhindered in the system. If they collide with sensitive measuring inputs, this causes faulty measurements and, in the extreme case, the destruction of the measuring unit. This problem can be smartly solved by using the three-phase interference suppressor filters MK 5130N and LG 5130 from the ...more

            More space, more flexibility

            Electronic housing with variable connection method
            Dold complements its innovative KS 4400 housing series by a 6.2 mm narrow version. In addition, flexibility was further expanded. The modular housing system now also offers a sealable, transparent front cover. It protects memory cards, socket connectors and adjusting elements reliably against manipulation and accidental wrong settings.The housing system, available in many colours, offers a wide range of application ...more

            Safety switch and key transfer system - SAFEMASTER STS

            SAFEMASTER STS is a modular safety switch and key transfer system made of long lasting stainless steel. It is designed to be used on guard systems with gates and covers and combines the advantages of a safety switch, solenoid lock and key transfer in one system. One of the most important advantages is the protection against being locked in by means of a safety key.Safemaster STS allows electrical monitoring of the main access gates. Other seldom used doors, e.g. for maintenance are mechanically ...more

            For less rejects in production!

            Self monitoring solid state relay
            The compact DOLD solid state relay POWERSWITCH PH 9270 has integrated monitoring functions and is suitable for high frequency operation. It switches wear free, noiseless and has a nearly unlimited service life. In addition it offers significant cost saving and increased availability with it’s intelligent monitoring functions. Among various other applications it can be used for critical heater controls in plastic and rubber ...more

            Reliable fire and system protection

            Differential current monitor type B with pre-warning function
            Early detection of insulation faults can prevent failure of complete electrical plants. Fault current monitoring by measuring differential current is the ideal method for his application. The monitoring requirement for today’s supply systems get more and more complex. Electronic control of drives, switched power supplies and chargers or fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast units can create DC ...more

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