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            Full functionality at the front of the enclosure

            The electronic enclosure KV 4600 sets new standards in modularity and function.

            Electronic enclosure KV 4600


            High flexibility, modularity and multifunctionality are requirements for today's control and automation devices. Equipment manufacturers also place these expectations on enclosure systems. They must be individually designable and configurable. The enclosure KV 4600 from DOLD gives manufacturers exactly the flexibility they need for their automation devices with regard to IOT and networking. Customer-specific adaptations as well as individual, multi-coloured device labelling using the digital printing process can be implemented easily and cost-effectively.


            The big-dimensioned enclosure front allows the integration of the entire functional scope such as the individual arrangement of connection terminals, display and control elements as well as the integration of common communication interfaces. With currently three available overall widths from 12.5 mm and two additional overall depths, a wide range of applications can be realised.


            The customized printed circuit board with a usable area of more than 9500 mm² allows a huge range in circuit design. up to two printed circuit boards can be integrated. The push-in terminals packed for automatic packaging meet the high requirements of the reflow soldering process and are available in the grid sizes 3.5 and 5.08 mm. Common bus systems can be integrated with little effort according to individual specifications. The particularly stable and simple enclosure design reduces the installation effort and enables the use of the device even under difficult conditions.