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            Preventive maintenance

            Multifunctional measuring relay with Modbus connection


            Multifunctional measuring relay UG 9400


            Detecting errors as they occur or continuous monitoring of machines and plants significantly increases system availability and avoids expensive downtimes and repairs. Measuring relays are used to reliably monitor electrical and physical operating variables. Preventive maintenance is also possible through continuous monitoring. The multifunctional measuring relay UG 9400 of the VARIMETER PRO series from DOLD is ideally suited for this purpose.


            Up to nine measurement functions are combined in a 22.5 mm wide enclosure. Depending on requirements, the measuring relay UG 9400 monitors the three-phase mains simultaneously for over/undervoltage, voltage asymmetry, over/undercurrent, cos phi, active, apparent and reactive power, frequency and phase sequence. It can also be used in single phase mains. With an integrated Modbus RTU interface, the fieldbus connection offers extensive diagnostic options. In addition, the user-friendly device configuration enables optimum adaptation to the application. In this way, the response values for all monitoring functions can be easily set.