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            Sensorless standstill monitoring - with muting function

            Standstill monitor safe and sensorless with only 22.5 mm width


            Sensorless standstill monitor UG 6946


            During maintenance, service or repair work on machines and plants, it is often necessary to intervene during the production process. Wherever movement is involved, safety is an important issue. With the increase in automated processes, the monitoring of movement and standstill is becoming even more important. Here the sensorless standstill monitor UG 6946 of the SAFEMASTER S series from DOLD, with its small width of only 22.5 mm, is the right choice. The standstill monitor offers the option of bridging the standstill mon-itoring (muting) for the implementation of various operating modes.


            To detect a standstill, the remanence voltage induced by the motor windings is evaluated and thus offers safe standstill monitoring up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3, even if the motor has already been switched off. Otherwise required sensors such as encoders or proximity switches are not required. The simple integration into the machine and drive concept reduces set-up work and costs and is particularly suitable for use with 3- and 1-phase motors in machine tools and woodworking machines, centrifuges and rolling drives. The UG 6946 offers two safe enabling current paths and a forcibly guided signal contact and is suitable for retrofitting and retrofit measures.