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            EPLAN macros

            Plan and document circuit diagrams quickly and efficiently. DOLD offers a comprehensive selection of product macros from the areas of functional safety, electrical safety and smart drive technology.




              Do you want to design efficiently and integrate our products into your CAE applications? For users of the EPLAN planning software, we offer our switching devices as product macros for download. Since the designer no longer has to create the macros and part data himself, but can transfer them directly into the system and thus into his circuit diagrams, he saves valuable time. Thanks to the macros, the risk of transmission errors associated with working with data sheets is avoided, as is the time-consuming, manual creation of symbols - design error-free and fast right from the start!



              EPLAN Electric P8 macros


              EPLAN Data Portal - EPLAN Electric P8 Makros


              Our current product macros in the EPLAN Data Portal are available for quick integration of our products into your design. You can also find all available macros on our respective product detail pages.



              If you are missing a product macro, please contact us.

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