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            SISTEMA Libraries

            The IFA-Institute for healt and safety on work of the German accident insurance offers the software assistant SISTEMA (Safety of machine controls) to evaluate safety related machine circuits according to EN ISO 13849. This software assistant can be downloaded from the IFA website. You can select your language during installation.


            DOLD provides a library for systema that contains the safety related data of different products. So you can qualify and validate your machines in a simple way according to the requirements of EN ISO 13849.


            Here you find the safety related data:






            DOLD SISTEMA Library




            Device overview SISTEMA




            Exclusion of liability

            This information has been produced carefully. We do not accept any responsibility for mistakes and misunderstanding. The user has the responsibility to prove our information and recommendations. Please be aware of this remark.


            Most products of our delivery programm are included in this library. If you miss a product please contact our technical sales department.

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