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            Distribution enclosures

            Distribution enclosures with fine graded size adjustment and individual enclosure openings for your application

            Distribution enclosures

            A part of Dold’s extensive enclosure range, is provided in two complete Series of distribution enclosures. Series KU 4000 requires a mounting depth of only 55 mm, with Series KU 4100 providing even more space for your electronics. Both the KU 4000 and KU 4100 Series offer enclosure widths from 17.5 mm to 140 mm, having up to 64 and 96 terminals respectively. In addition to various terminal options, there are several BUS-connections available.

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            This enclosure series fulfils all the requirements for the modern building automation system. With its variant diversity, also individual task assignments can be solved without problems. Also the enclosure size can be adapted gradually to the application. So the enclosure series covers all common mounting widths from 8.8 to 140 mm. For connecting the devices, along with the conventional, undetachable screw-type terminals, also cage tension-spring clamps for particularly economical installation of the devices are available. Also stronger currents can flow and high-voltage current pins of up to 50 A can be used. It goes without saying that for connecting and communication with other devices and systems also various connections can be realised such as, for example, BUS connections, KNX (EIB), RJ-45, etc. The enclosures are designed both for top-hat rail and screw attachment.

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